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    Xi’an Huitian Blood Products Co.Ltd is a modern corporation specially manufacturing blood products. had acquires GMP license of both of static and proceeding state authentication by State Drug Administration up to September in 2000.Huitian Company has set the rather perfect quality assurance system, high-quality employees activating in medicinal market.
Xi’an Huitian Blood Products Co.Ltd assumes the following service items to all customers based on her synthetic technical conditions:
1. The all products on the market were qualified products produced and inspected lot by lot according to <<Chinese Instruction of Biological Products>>.Any products without authenticated examination must not transport out to Huitian Blood Products Co.Ltd.
2. Many organization belonged to the distribution department of the Company has set in every provinces. They take charge of sale, service after sale, make the tracks status of the products. The employees should deliver the product according to customer’s requirement as possible .
3. Corporating by the laws and guides and undertaking the supervisor of the authority , must not do any irregularity action.
4. Set special phone lines for the customers. Huitian Company will take charge of any condition if there is real problem be notarize by the authority about the quality of products. The employee get to and solute problem at once if the severe accident occurred.
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