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 Plasma with Good Quality Control as Raw Material
    Xi’an Huitian Blood Products Co,Ltd has set the modern units for collecting human plasma in several counties, Such as Baishui county, Fuping county, Ankang county. Base on <<Criteria of Unit for Collecting Hunan Plasma>>and under the supervison of the Shannxi Health Bureau. Every units for collecting human plasma have equipped with advanced monitoring apparatuses and the instruments for auto-collecting plasma singly by machines. These units have carried out the body exam for all donors, The examination of their blood samples, Human plasma of collection, Storage and transportation strictly according to <<Administration Ordinance for Blood Products>> <<Administration Guide of units for collecting human plasma. The source of human blood be made a serious of blood products is security and credibility in Xi’an Huitian Blood Proudcts Co.Ltd.
Xi’an Huitian Blood Products Co.Ltd has managed the units for collecting human plasma through network consisted of computers. The data of all the plasma-donors are organized through the network. The department of blood-source inspection of the company has connected, administrated, supervised with every unit through the network.
Xi’an Huitian Blood Products Co.Ltd has carried out the ordinances strictly, especially body-exam of the plasmadonors. The unqualified plasma-donor must not give the plasma. Every plasma sample has examined totally and the unqualified plasma also must not be transported out of the units. The plasma transported into the company has re-examined. The unqualified plasma also must not be transported into the workshops. The strict supervision and effective control measures ensure the plasma with good quality control as raw materials.
 Strict Drug Quality Control
    Strict quality examination is an important link in quality control of Huitian Blood products in Xi’an Huitian Blood Products Co.Ltd .The department of drug quality control has set in the quality assurance system in Huitian Company. The department of drug quality control has built the special laboratory for inspection of Anti-HIV, several inspective laboratories for examination of anti-HCV, HbsAg, ALT, syphilis, raw material and excipients, other general laboratories for examination of the refined plasma, semi-products and products such as immunology laboratory, physicochemical laboratory, bioassay laboratory and animal experiment center. These laboratories have equipped with advanced apparatuses related to their functions. The company has arranged the qualified professionals and the inspectors with abundant experiences in the laboratories.
    Every step of the manufacturing processes has controlled on basis of GMP guides in Xi’an Huitian Blood Products Co.Ltd. The total manufacturing processes have managed in all domains strictly and standard control to all procedures of the products. The production environment, such as dust particles, precipitants, ultraviolet lamp, has been inspected and controlled regularly in base on the quality control criteria of the company. The raw material(collected human plasma)has re-examined bag to bag according to <<Chinese Instruction of Biological Products>>(published in 2000)The excipients and water has examined according to<<Standard of Quality Control of Raw Material of Biological Product >>(publish in 2000)and <<Pharmacopoeia of People’s Repubic of China >>(publish in 2000).All unqualified or unexamined materials, including semi-products have transported to the next step of the procedure.
    The ratio of qualified products in the market is 100%in past two years as the results of strict quality control in whole production in Xi’an Haitian Blood Products Co.Ltd.
 Perfect hardware for Quality Assurance System
    Xi’an Huitian Blood Products Co.Ltd choose her address in Xi’an High Technical Development Zone on basis of the requirements of peripheral environment of manufacturing biological drug for human When the preparation of the company was organized. Huitian Company has to pay the attention to afforesting of the environment in and out manufacturing zone. Huitian Company has possessed qualified environment for human drug production, and awarded ‘Garden Unit’by the Authority of Xi’an City.
The design, construction, check and acceptance of the workshops of Huitian Company have carried out all strictly according to the requirements of technological processes and GMP regulations. The construction plan of the workshop was approved by Chinese Health Department. The workshops have divided three grades of clean regions, including 100 000grade, 10 000grade ,and 10 000grade,and set specialized passageways for people run and moving materials, completely satisfied with the requirements of manufacturing blood products.
    Xi’an Huitian Blood Products Co.Ltd has set suitable equipments and apparatuses. The main production equipments were made in America and France. The production processes already has controlled through computers. The main inspection apparatuses were imported to ensure high level of accuracy and efficiency of all products.
 Effective Quality Assurance and Quality Supervision System
    The product Quality is the life of a enterprise. The quality assurance department is the center of quality assurance system, led directly by general manager in Xi’an Huitian Blood Products Co.Ltd The full-time and part-time quality supervisors have arranged to every production process. Three grades of quality control net of the teams, workshops and corporation have ensured the whole quality control. The relative measures has ensured qualified products, such as definite person responsibility, highly efficient seminar for quality analysis and strict management system statistically, etc.
    Xi’an Huitian Blood Products Co.Ltd has carried out GMP management, amplified her manufacturing practice, and established corresponding SOP according to <<Chinese Biological Product Regulations>><<Pharmacopoeia of People’s Republic of China>>.The quality management has run totally on basis of the definite rules and regulations in Xi’an Huitian Blood Products Co.Ltd.
 High Qualified Organized Staff
    The staff is the pedestal of every corporation. Xi,an Huitian Blood Products Co.Ltd possesses high proportion of scientific researchers, high-grade enginerrs, Pharmaceutical supervisers, high-grade economists and so on. They have formed a united, active, ambitious leading center in Huitian Company.
    Xi’an Huitian Blood Products Co. Ltd has made staff training as first important strategy and measure of corporation development and production quality assurance. Training staff has been done at regular intervals on drug production regulations, production management, quality control. post standard operation regulation,specialized knowledge, safety. staff quality,etc. The staff training has showed there is a troop with perfect style and technology in Xi’an Huitian Blood Products Co.Ltd.

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